Mist Wave

PADILLA-HARRIS is collaboration between Andrea Padilla, an accomplished
Photographer/Artist and Stanley Harris, a Motion Picture Production Designer/Artist. This Collective started with the idea to do large-scale projects for public art, to give a free esthetic and poetic experience to the people, was their main motivation. “Working in this discipline gives the freedom afforded by an outdoor site to create very large works that would be unfeasible in a gallery.”

During the opening reception of an installation in Chelsea for Art Bridge they met and became friends with Joe Covello of United Hoisting and Scaffolding Corp. Then when the call came out to apply for placement at the Figment NYC 2011 festival on Governors Island they began exploring designs toward an interactive installation for that venue. The idea was born to build Mist Wave, inspired by Under the Wave off Kanagawa of Hokusai’s print, titled The Great Wave. “Wouldn’t it be great to build this piece entirely out of recycled scaffolding material with misting nozzles as fractals representing the vascular system of a wave at the end of steel pipes bent in the shape of a wave?”

They won placement in the festival, presented Joe with the designs and Mist Wave became a reality. It was a huge success with scores of children and grown-ups alike vying for their chance to “play in the cooling mist under The Mist Wave”.

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