Transport Platform just released!

We would like to introduce the Hydro-Mobile Transport Platform. This new machine will change the way we think about our industry and open new safe possiablities on how we access projects and specific locations on buildings. We will have the First Transport Platform on Barclays arena in a few weeks, so stay tuned for some photo’s.

I have asked Chad Baumgartner  (Business Development Manager of Hydro-Mobile) a few questions about the machine and here is what he had to say:

Joe: What benefit will the Transport platform bring a project?
Chad: A Transport Platform can bring a cost effective solution for material and tool delivery, most notably effective on low rise projects.

Joe: What is the difference between a transport platform and a Hoist?
Chad: The Hydro-Mobile Transport Platform can be configured in many different ways to accommodate the specific needs of a job. It is used to move authorized and trained personnel with their materials and tools between levels at a worksite.

Joe: What is the capacity of the transport platform?
Chad: Capacities generally range from 900lbs to 12,000lbs depending on the unit and the configuration.

Joe; Up to what size can you configure the transport platform?
Chad: Without limiting something larger, we have already configured twin tower transport Platforms 15’ x 15’

Joe: Which code does this fall under?
Chad: The ANSI 92.10 is the International standard that governs the use of Transport Platforms

Joe: Is it Gas or Electric?
Chad: The Hydro-Mobile Platform is offered in Gasoline powered and Electric powered configurations.

Joe: How high up can this machine go?
Chad:The Hydro-Mobile Transport Platform has been used at Heights of over 1000’ and that is not necessarily the limit. That would be an exception more than the rule in my opinion. That was a specific use on a specific project. I would suggest that the Transport Platform is designed for low rise applications up to 100’ high where a Construction Elevator is not practical. It fills a void that has existed for a long time in the access business.

Joe; How safe is this machine?
Chad:A Transport Platform has all of the safety features required to protect workers and even redundant safety mechanisms are a part of the design.

Joe: Who operates this machine?
Chad: This machine must be used and operated by authorized and trained personnel only. This training can be performed on site.

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