Two Coves Community Garden

Two Coves Community Garden grew out of a Goodwill Industries project to develop a vacant 25,000 sq ft city property on Astoria Blvd and 8th Street in Astoria, Queens, NY. In 1998, Goodwill began work with the NYC Parks Department to clean the site. Parks provided a quarter of a million dollars for the project, bringing in soil, fencing, paved paths, and basic plants. By 2006, however, neither Goodwill, nor the city had resources for further development or regular maintenance of the site.

In late 2006, Goodwill volunteers began an independent grassroots organization and started a garden on the site. They received a license and supply donations from the city gardening office GreenThumb, and promotional assistance from Partnership for Parks, officially dubbing the site Two Coves Community Garden. Some small but fruitful vegetable gardens and flower beds started, and an effort was made to recruit build partnership.

In 2007, word began to spread of the Community Garden in Astoria, a neighborhood with a severe shortage of public green space and community gardens. With continued partnership efforts and outreach to local groups, membership in the garden skyrocketed from 5 to over 60 members by late 2008.  Today we have over 200 members as well as a community plot tended to by members and non-members alike.

This year we were approached by Marta MacRostie (Volunteer Coordinator) asking if we can donate lumber for their Garden. The idea sounded great to me for two reasons. The first was that we were giving back to our community. The second¬† was the donation of used planks helps us recycle old material in a way that’s environmentally friendly and actually help us reduce disposal cost.

The photos below were taken over the course of 5 weeks of Work Days. Everyone in them is a volunteer working to improve the Community Plot at Two Coves Garden.

The Community Plot is an area at Two Coves which is open to Community Participation (as apposed to the private plots, which are allocated to individuals).

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