NycArtsCypher’s First Annual Fundraiser.

Join us @ NycArtsCypher’s first annual fundraiser.


This  event is going to be held at Casa Belvedere 79 Howard Ave, on August 25th 2011 @ 5pm. If you are not familiar with the location, it’s a beautiful mansion with a large front yard.  The event will be mostly outdoors as well as the inside first floor of the mansion.  Enjoy an interactive carnival theme with entertainment, games, contests, art exhibitions, attractions and great fun! Food, drinks, and entertainment will be included in admission price of $40 advance $50 at door.

All sponsors secured by August 1st, have the opportunity to present their logo in their Pre-Event Promo, a short form, viral segment, to attract viewers to our event via internet, posted on Face Book and other social media outlets. The event will be covered by video and the sponsors interviewed.  The final Post-Event Segment will include the interview and the event activities along with their logos.

There will also be painted or graphic signage with sponsor’s logo by the selected sponsored item.

Available Sponsorship:

STAGE SPONSOR-funds will allow us to rent staging for our performers to entertain.

TV SPONSOR-to show all our great videos to raise awareness to our movement.

ATTRACTION SPONSOR-Dunk Tank, Putting Range, baseball and football throw

FOOD SPONSOR-may be partial depending on turnout

MAIN RED CARPET PHOTO-Red carpet and backdrop with company your logo and nycartscypher logo

$1000.00 per package




Click here for more info
or call Charlie B @ 1 718 981 8510


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  1. Scot says:

    Very good blog post, I absolutely anticipate posts of your stuff.

  2. darts says:

    Great post mate.

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