OSHA Focuses on Employer Safety Incentive Programs

Article written in Construction Business Owner

If your company has a safety incentive program, you may want to review and revise the program to ensure that it meets OSHA’s standards.

In a recent OSHA memo regarding improvements to the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), OSHA clarifies its policy and procedures for reviewing and evaluating safety and health incentive programs at VPP applicant and participant worksites. OSHA believes incentive programs should promote safety awareness and worker participation in safety-related activities.

Some examples of positive incentives include the following:

Providing T-shirts to workers serving on safety and health committees
Offering modest rewards to those who offer suggestions on strengthening safety and health
Throwing a recognition party after the successful completion of company-wide safety and health training

OSHA clearly says it is unacceptable to have an incentive program that discourages workers from reporting injuries or illnesses-a program that focuses primarily, or even in small part, on injury and illness numbers often discourages workers.

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