ArtBridge presents: ChromaTweet by Aleksandar Maćašev

ArtBridge presents: ChromaTweet by Aleksandar Maćašev

One ChromaTweet per day, every day.
No White (FFFFFF) or Black (000000).
The title of every post is the hexadecimal code of the color.

April 1, 2009, the first ChromaTweet.

– – – – –

ArtBridge is proud to bring Aleksandar Maćašev’s ChromaTweet out of the blogosphere and into the public realm as part of the Dumbo Arts Festival, taking place September 23rd through 25th, 2011 (the installation will likely remain through the Fall). The nearly 400 linear foot ChromaTweet exhibition runs along Water Street on the historic Empire Stores building and features exactly two years of Maćašev’s ChromaTweets, swatches of color tones he picks with a digital color picker tool at the end of each day that he feels best represent his mood and feelings; he then posts that color to his nano blog.

The project was born out of Maćašev’s interest is what he refers to as “the age of atomized online communication.” Twitter already forces users to work within the confines of 140 characters, how might we be able to communicate with even less?

For Maćašev, the answer was color, the building block of “visual language.”

The fact that no two people respond to or share the same associations with color in quite the same only amplifies the power of his project. “Color is supercharged with meaning, from culturally induced to the very personal,” says Maćašev. For him, the process of creating each chromatweet is like packing his day (his emotions, more specifically, into a color tone; on the other end, the viewer will likely unpack something very different, filtered through his or her own experience. Visit the ongoing ChromaTweet Project at See the Installation at the Dumbo Arts Festival, HERE.

United Hoisting & Scaffolding Corp has proudly donated the installation of the artwork for this event and we ask that you all come out and show your support for the Dumbo Arts Festival

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