Mobile Apps In the Construction Field

The world of PDA’s in the field is here and we are not only seeing this with management but also with the tradesmen and tradeswomen. Like everything else management is always a bit resistant with new technologies and with this certain one the worries are, would my employee waste time on there PDA when they should be getting work done. I agree that at work especially in the filed should be taken seriously because you are getting paid to do a job and because you are in a high risk danger zone most of the time.¬† the flip side to this is that PDA’s can also help companies in certain ways and help expedite jobs in many various ways. Apps from simple to complicated calculators are easily found, How about locating a product that you are out of? You can now do that in minutes!!. We use this program called tango to actually see what is going on when troubleshooting a problem.


The newest app I have seen is OSHA is smart working in the heat app.

Click here

There also have many more apps for our industry that can really help us get through the day so be a bit open minded and see how you can actually profit  from staying connected.

Here are a few
Crane Operators Hand Signals

Great little tool for crane hand signals

OSHA Mobile

Need the OSHA Code well this will help

My Measures

One of my a favorite apps when trying to get some info from the field


Tango is a neat way to stay in touch with the employees in the field. this app is ideal during crisis situations when you cant be there but your workers can.

Task Pro

Great to get things done and sync up with outlook


Steel app is a quick guide to figuring out steel sizes and capacities.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. there are so many more apps that will pay for itself in minutes!


Most of the apps above are for iPhone’s because they are great but if you don’t have an iPhone I’m sure you can find similar or maybe even the same app on Android based phones.




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  1. Kyle says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. In the construction industry there seems to be a hesitance to embrace new mobile app technologies that would inevitably lead better and faster work.

    Have a look at the app Madplum Creative built for South Bay Construction:

    The use of this app has saved them significant time and money.

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