Remebering 9/11/2001

10 years later we are still down at ground zero. Trying to still put the pieces together of what was the most devastating act of terrorism that has ever hit New York City. In one way or another it has hit us all personally and I think moving forward the phrase “we will never forget” will continue to mean something. The site is actually spectacular so far. You have these 4 amazing buildings going up right now and this memorial site that will by far be like no other.
Tower # 1 will rise to 1,776 feet higher than the Twin Towers and referencing the 1776 date of America’s declaration of independence from Britain.
Tower #2 Gradually stepping down from the tallest building in the Big Apple will be the 78-story Tower Two designed by Britain’s Norman Foster, This building is considered “ The Wedge of Light” and the logic behind that is that the building will cast no shadow on the memorial park on September 11.
Tower # 3 will rise 71 stories (1,137 feet) and house 2.1 million square feet of office and 133,000 square feet of retail space. The tower when complete will feature five trading floors, five retail levels (Like all of the new WTC towers, Tower Three will be LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.)
Tower # 4 The south west corner will be home of tower # 4 reaching 64 stories or 975’ 1.8 million square feet of office and 146,000 square feet of retail space. Two-thirds of the tower will be occupied by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the City of New York, and the remaining space will be retained by Silverstein Properties for commercial tenants. The corners of this tower are column free to provide panoramic 360 degree views. You can see why the port jumped on this building quick.

Tower # 5 I currently don’t know what’s going on with it. I do know that there was a plan for this building be a mix use or residential. This building would stand 900’ high. On 2/28/2011 of this year the demolition of the Deutsche Bank was complete and there is no talk of what is going on.

Tower # 7 Although not part of the master WTC rebuild plan Tower # 7 was destroyed along with the other towers on September 11th. Since it was not part of the master plan this gave Larry Silverstein a green light to quickly replace the building. The new 7 World Trade Center has 52 stories and is 741 ft. tall. The building has 42 floors of leasable space, starting at the 11th floor. The first ten floors house an electrical substation, which provides power to much of Lower Manhattan.

The memorial consists of two fountains in granite-lined pits occupying the exact locations of the foundations of the fallen Twin Towers. They are the largest manmade waterfalls in North America and are amazing. All victims of the 1993 and 2001 attack will be inscribed on panel edges of the pool in bronze.

The Museum located on West street will be the heart of this whole site.. A collection of diverse materials including artifacts, photos, audio and video from the original WTC The 9/11 Events of the Day, The Rescue and Recovery, and a Tribute from all different organizations and groups.
Silverstein said the whole World Trade Center — one of the biggest and most complex building projects anywhere — would be finished by 2016.

With all of this coming soon let’s not forget what we have lost and look back at the Original Towers.

How many of these facts you actually know?

1. The WTC opened in 1970 after 8 years of construction. 100% Completion Date: 1972 (Tower One), 1973 (Tower Two)

2. The buildings cost $400 million to build

3. The height: 1,368 feet (Tower One), 1,362 feet (Tower Two)

4. They stood  110 Stories

5. The WTC was the dream of David Rockefeller, chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, and Nelson Rockefeller, former Governor of New York.

6. The Rockefellers wanted to name the towers after themselves, but the mayor of NY, John Lindsay, insisted on the World Trade Center.

7. The City chose to build the WTC instead of building a new tunnel and large bridge over the Hudson River.

8. Sixteen blocks were cleared to house the completed WTC. 

9.   More than 10,000 workers involved in building the complex.

10.  More than 60 of them died during construction.

11.  The excavation work displaced enough soil to create Liberty Park, where four 60-floor towers and four apartment buildings were constructed.

12.  The WTC’s foundations were laid at 60 feet below ground level.

13.  The buildings had their own ZIP codes – 10047 and 10048.

14.  The towers were designed to look like a futuristic sculpture.

15.  The concrete poured was enough to build a road from New York to Washington, DC

16.  The steel inside the WTC could have made three more Brooklyn Bridges.

17.  The Twin Towers had more than 16 miles of staircases.

18.  There were 43,600 windows.

19.  The building had 20,000 elevator doors.

20.  The main elevators at 27 feet a second reached the top in less than a  minute.

21.  There were 828 emergency exit doors.

22.  23,000 fluorescent light bulbs lit the interior.

23.  The 75,000 telephones were maintained by 19,600 miles of cable.

24.  There were more than 300 computer mainframes on site.

25.  The WTC used more power in one day than most small American cities.

26.  Windows on the World had one of the best vintage wine collections in the United States.

27.  More than 50,000 people worked in the twin towers.

28.  More than 200,000 people – half of them tourists – moved through the buildings each day.

29.  Superstars Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Liza Minelli all sang in WTC restaurants.

30.  In 1974, a Frenchman, Phillipe Petit, strung a tightrope between the two towers and walked across.

31.  Three men successfully parachuted from the top of the towers.

32.  More than a dozen mountain climbers have scaled the building.

33.  Over 30,000 cups of coffee were poured daily in the basement cafes.

34.  $110.3 million in gold and 120.7 million in silver is buried in the rubble.

35.  The combined weight of the towers was more than 1.5 million tons. 1Each tower was built to safely sway about three feet during strong wind storms.


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  2. elizabeth says:

    I feel a sense of loss when I think about 9/11 even though I live in the UK and not an American I only hope and pray that all who were lost they have eternal peace and the survivors find peace of mind.

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