Water not hydrogen peroxide,is best for cuts

Taken from Consumer Reports October 2011

It’s long been a fixture of American Medicine cabinets,but hydrogen peroxide is not the wound-care wonder you might think it is.In fact,the properties in that kill bacteria can actually damage healthy cell tissue.

(The same is true of other disinfectants,such as alcohol and iodine.) That rarely causes serious harm,but it could slow healing time. Studies show that for most cuts & scrapes,rinsing thoroughly with water and cleaning the surrounding area

with plain soap is at least as effective at preventing infection as hydrogen peroxide. And it’s less irritating to the wounded tissue.Use lots of water,at a high enough pressure to flush out debris.

Hydrogen peroxide shouldn’t be your first-line defense for wounds,but it’s not a bad idea to stash some in an emergency kit for when you don’t have access to clean water.Keep some rubbing alcohol in the kit for disinfecting surfaces and various first-aid tools such as tweezers.



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