Celebrating 50 years in the business

Construction companies tend to come and go over time but United Hoisting has successfully completed over a Half Century of business serving the Greater New York City high rise building construction market as specialists in the erection and rental of personnel and material hoists, scaffolding, jobsite fences, and sidewalk sheds.

The company started out over 50 years ago, on January 3, 1961, as United Hoisting Company, Inc. based in Englewood New Jersey. In 1979, in order to more promptly and efficiently serve its customers, United relocated its shop, yard, and offices to Long Island City, NY, within 4 city blocks of the 59th Street, Queensboro Bridge.

In 1998 United Hoisting & Scaffolding Corp. was incorporated as a New York Corporation in order to broaden its line of services to include the current range of self executed scaffolding installations, powered work platforms, and other related services.

The result of these progressive steps is that United Hoisting today stands as the only multi-decade, privately held hoisting and scaffolding company in New York. From its initial incorporation in 1961, United has been owned and controlled by the Halloran family, with Joe Covello as Vice President and part owner being responsible for day to day operations.

President Richard Halloran says that United’s success has largely been due to the firm’s long-term loyal relationships with its customers, vendors, and employees, and the variety of services that United provides. United’s commitment to providing its customers and employees with the industry’s most comprehensive approach to jobsite safety, and also providing customers with innovative, efficient solutions to jobsite logistics problems, explain the company’s longevity in this challenging marketplace.

Today Joe manages the day to day operations with United’s 30+ staff of experienced estimators, layout designers and installers who serve a large active client list, which recognizes the strong values, hard work, flexibility and approachable management that a local privately owned firm can offer. The company services a wide variety of specialties and industries including masonry, general building construction, roofing, concrete, glazing, utilities, and the film and event industry.

Fifty years in business is a proud achievement for New York City’s oldest family owned provider and installer of hoists and scaffolding equipment. United Hoisting & Scaffolding Corp., its management, and employees, look forward to continuing its service to its customers for the years and decades ahead.

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  1. Congragulations UHSC on 50 years of sucess,I hope u have a million more !its hard out there and u guys deserve it,all the luck,,u do amazing work . I wana thank joe covello and all the hard workers at your office,u are really nice people and thank u for everything.

  2. Congratulation on United Hoisting & Scaffolding Golden Anniversary!

    A wonderful company with a great reputation!

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