Vacuum Lifting

We have seen vacuum lifts for glass in use all over the city, but what I see being the future is this new stream of technology called Vacuum lifting. Vacuum lifting has been around primarily for pipe lifting but contractors are now realizing the different applications and the cost savings this type of technology can provide.

Vacuum lifting systems are exactly what it sounds like it’s a high powered vacuum that pretty much glues onto its object. There are many variety’s of vacuums for concrete, metal and precast operations. Imagine the cost saving of not having to strap or chain up a piece of equipment.Also imagin not damaging the equipment your lifting. This also makes it a one man operation reducing labor cost so you can competitively bid that job!.

At a first glance of this unit, what comes to mind is holy shit will that vacuum hold, but manufactures assure us it will. Safety is at the top of their concern. The unit does operate from a wireless device and if the power is lost that’s not a problem. These systems are designed with a stored vacuum supply that holds the load. Depending on the manufactures the holding time varies.

These systems are also built with a 3 to 1 safety ratio which is pretty impressive for what it is.

Here is a video of a company called Vacuworx in action


Here is a clip I took at Con Expo last year of a smaller model that can be used for stone setting & warehouse usage

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