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Please watch a special video message from ArtBridge’s founder, Rodney Durso. He founded ArtBridge with the intention of creating an unprecedented platform for the local emerging artist that could at once transform the urban landscape and the way new artists connect to the public. United Hoisting & Scaffolding has donated all these installations but we still need your help

ArtBridge: The Story of a Crazy Idea from ArtBridge on Vimeo.

Please consider donating to ArtBridge today, by CLICKING HERE. And help us continue our mission to enliven the cityscape with the thought provoking work of some of its finest emerging visual artists.

Thank you for your continued support and everything you have done for ArtBridge and our growing community of ArtBridge Artists.

Happy Winter Holidays,
Joe,Devin, Jordana, and Rodney

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