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Erica Simone (NYC Photographer) like to shovel naked and we all have our ways of going about it.

This article is not because you need instructions on how to shovel snow but rather to be aware of some conditions that may arise and put you in danger or some facts that you may not know . If you do in fact need instructions on snow shoveling I suggest you hire a neighborhood kid to do it.

Approximately 118,000 people in the United States were treated for snow shoveling-related injuries each year and , there were another 15,000 injuries that were a result of using a snow blower. says United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • If you have heart problems check with your doctor before going out to shovel. The American Heart Association says the combination of cold weather and physical exertion does put more strain on the heart, which can increase the risk of heart attacks in those who are susceptible. Reports that heart attacks among men ages 35-49 years old triple after a heavy snowfall that requires residents to shovel or remove snow and ice.It is important to remember that shoveling snow is an intense physical workout, especially if the snow is wet and heavy, so here are a few tips for safer practice shoveling snow.Try not to let the snow pile up in your drive. If there is a blizzard, you obviously can’t do anything about the accumulation, but if the forecast is for small amounts of snow over a few-day stretch, it’s much easier to move a small amount every day, than a big pile you’ve let build up.
  • Before you go out to shovel your driveway, warm up your body and muscles. Try walking on the spot for a couple of minutes and doing some slow stretching (torso twists and knee bends).
  • Pace yourself by taking frequent breaks. And drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. (I personally find this one the hardest because all I want to do is just get it done and go inside)
  • Dress warmly and try to cover all exposed skin. On a really cold winter day, the wind can freeze exposed skin in just a few minutes. Click here for some tips
  • Consider using two shovels and that are appropriate for you to clear your snow. One should be a lightweight pusher/scraper to move the snow off to the sides, and the other, a lightweight plastic or aluminum snow shovel to lift the snow.
  • You may have heard this a million times but bend your knees and avoid using twisting and turning movements when shoveling. Use the strength in your arms and legs to lift the snow while keeping your back straight. Lifting snow is just like lifting any other heavy object-and proper lifting and turning techniques are essential. Do not throw the snow over your shoulder
  • Avoid using caffeine or smoking before going outside to shovel snow, as stimulants can cause blood vessels to contract and pulse to increase.

The average shovel loaded with 16 pounds of snow ends up moving 192 pounds of snow if you load your shovel about 12 times a minute. That’s almost 2,000 pounds being lifted in just over 10 minutes! Since the surgeon general suggests we work out 30 minutes a day a few days a week you can consider the snow removal process a good thing

Those most at risk for a heart attack include:

  • Anyone who has already had a heart attack.
  • Individuals with a history of heart disease.
  • Those with high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.
  • Smokers.
  • Individuals leading a sedentary lifestyle.
    Even if you exercise regularly and are not at risk for heart disease, shoveling improperly could lead to a strained back.

Or… you can just pay someone and relax

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