Manhattan Residential (Hospitality) PLA (Schedule B12-A)





Whereas, this Project Labor Agreement will foster the achievement of these goals, inter alia by:

1)     Expediting the construction process and otherwise minimizing disruption to the project;

2)     Avoiding the costly delays of labor unrest and promoting labor harmony for the duration on the project ;

3)     Standardizing certain terms and conditions governing the employment of labor on the project;

4)       Providing comprehensive and standardized mechanisms for the settlement of work disputes, including those relating to jurisdiction ;

5)     Ensuring a reliable source of skilled and experienced labor;

6)     Maximizing project safety conditions for both workers and others;

7)     Reducing labor costs by giving contractors flexibility to manage and perform work operations in

the most efficient and productive manner (see attached schedule B12a); and

Whereas the New York City Building and Construction Trades Council and its affiliated Unions together with the General Contractors and their contractors desire to provide for stability security, and work opportunities which are afforded by this Project Labor Agreement; and now, Therefore, it is agreed in consideration for mutual promises and covenants made herein as follows;









All work performed by journeyman members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters will be paid at a rate of seven dollars and fifty four cents ($7.54) less the current collective bargaining agreements rate for that category of carpentry work.

Wage increases to be determined by appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement.


All work performed by apprentice members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters will be paid using the negotiated percentage rates based on any decrease In the journeyman rate.

1) Work Stoppages

General No strike / No Lockout Language

2)  Jurisdictional Disputes

NY Plan for Jurisdictional Disputes mandatory for any contractor or union performing work under the PLA

3) Prompt Payment

Prompt payment of wages and fringe language with some CM protection against delinquent employers needed similar to that agreed to in stadium PLA’S .

4) Recognition Clause

Recognition clause recognizing the BCTC affiliates as bargaining representatives of all crafts on the job.

5) Work Day

At the request of the CM eight hour (8) day at straight time rates, half hour (1/2) for lunch.

6) Overtime

Saturday overtime at time and one half (1 1/2) Sunday and Holidays overtime as per Collective Bargaining Agreement.

7) Holidays

Eight (8) standard holidays:

New Year’s Day – Presidents Day – Martin Luther King’s Birthday – Memorial Day Fourth of July – Labor Day- Thanksgiving – Christmas Day

The last legal working day before Christmas and New Year’s Day will be recognized as per Schedule A in appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement.

8) Stewards

Stewards shall be working stewards.

9) Apprentice Ratios

Apprentices to be used in the maximum ratio allowed by law, rule or regulation to the extent available and requested by contractor.

10) Safety Rules

Strict adherence to safety standards and enforcement of same

11)  Alternative Dispute Resolution

A D R program to be discussed

12)  Pre Job Conferences

13)  Flexible Starting Time

Flexible start between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 AM precluded by CBA, provided that there will not be staggered starts within a particular trade.

14) Shift Premium

Shift work may be scheduled and paid in accordance with CBA

15) Temporary Services

Temporary services to be discussed: subject to permits and safety requirements, no stacking of trades on temporary services, services referred to shall be defined

16)  Saturday Make-Up

At option of contractor

17)  Off Hours Start On Renovation

Paid nine (9) hours for eight (8) hours worked , eight (8) hours paid for seven (7) hours worked

18)  Standard Start Time

All trades at their workplace at starting time.

19)  Lunch Time

Upon approval of the Union staggered lunch periods per trade permitted. Lunch to be paid at twelve ($12.00) dollars per day to employees that remain at work during lunch period.

No work to be performed during lunch break.

20)  Coffee Breaks

Ten (10) minute coffee breaks in the morning at the work place.

21)  Subcontracting Limitation

Limitation on subcontracting to the extent that brokering and its increased costs shall be eliminated and prohibited, no re subcontracting of work to the same trade.

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