A Day of Music


Myotonic Dystrophy & Autism Speaks Event

Saturday September 8 2012 11:30 am – 9pm

DeMatti’s Park – $20 donation entry

Thompkins Avenue @ St Mary’s Avenue and Chestnut Ave





The following is a list of the bands that will be performing. Times of bands will be posted:
1. Atomic Dog
2. Alive “Kis Tribute”
3. Redrum
4. Close2Death
5. Exzakked
6. Gianni Records (featuring, Singer, SonnyG, B.dot and the Yazmatics)
7. Criminal Dancefloor
8. Atomic Krush
9. A work in progress
10. Betrayall


The estimated number of U.S. autistic kids has skyrocketed by 78% since 2000, according to a report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One in 88 American kids has autism, according to the new figures. Among boys, it’s one in 54.
Why? One expert says: “Better diagnosis, broader diagnosis, better awareness, and roughly 50% of ‘We don’t know.'”
One advocate says: “we have an epidemic of autism in the United States.
Come out and support the cause!!


Please contact me @ joe@joecovello.net for sponsorship opportunities

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