Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day is Observed on April 28,2021, to honor and remember those workers who lost their lives or were injured on the job. In 20120, the latest year for which the bureau of Labors Statistics has confirmed data, 4547 workers were killed and nearly 3.1 workers were injured. So far this year we have lost many and there has been a lot of effort in honoring those lost lives with a special Construction Workers Memorial Mass. The Mass will begin at 2pm on Monday April 28th in St Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue Between 50 & 51st Street.

It has been requested that all construction workers who are attending the Mass as a Sign of solidarity among construction workers in New York City, be by St Patrick’s Cathedral by no later than 1:30 p.m. The New York Police Department coordinate a procession route on 5th Avenue and adjoining streets in which participating construction workers WEARING HARDHATS this will process into St. Patrick’s Cathedral where you will be seated by the ushers.

Please bring your hardhats for this procession. You will take them off after the opening prayer! Management is encouraged to join in the procession wearing hardhats as well. Those not wearing hardhats should not process but just enter through the side doors of the church.


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