2012 Holiday Construction Embargo – November 16, 2012 and November 19, 2012 – January 2, 2013










A special Holiday Construction Embargo shall be in effect on Friday, November 16, 2012 from 6AM to 11:59PM and again from Monday, November 19, 2012 from 6AM through Wednesday, January 2, 2013 11:59PM. Roadway and sidewalk construction activities will be restricted during the embargo period on the streets listed below.

Any permits issued prior to the date of this notice, for work during this embargo period on the streets listed below which do not already have the permit stipulation “410” are hereby suspended for the period noted above. All permittees must comply with this embargo unless a special waiver is granted by OCMC. Waiver requests must be filed by November 9, 2012 in the Permit Office by filing a “Request for Roadway/Sidewalk Permits During Embargo Periods” and submitting supporting documentation. Waiver requests should only be submitted for critical reasons for a specific project. If a waiver is granted, the applicant will be notified so they can apply for the approved permits. Waivers are not required for ongoing Building Construction Activity Permits which already include the “410” permit stipulation. Waiver request forms may be obtained at any Permit Office or can be downloaded here.

Prior to this embargo period all necessary measures must be taken so that all roadways and sidewalks are in proper condition to allow for the expeditious and safe movement of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

The opening of utility access covers is prohibited on any of the street noted below between the hours of 6:00 AM and midnight unless the utility or contractor files for an Emergency Authorization Number as required by section 2-07 of the Department’s Highway Rules. The planned opening of utility access covers may occur during the hours of 12:01AM and 5:59AM where no authorization number is required.

*Please note that this embargo only applies to NYCDOT construction permits.

Streets subject to the conditions of the Holiday Construction Embargo are as follows:

· The area bounded by 66th to 30th Streets: river to river
· The area bounded by 30th to 24th Streets: 3rd Avenue to 8th Avenue, all inclusive
· The area bounded by Canal and Houston Streets: Centre/Lafayette Street to Essex Street
· The area bounded by East/West 8th Street to Canal Street: Lafayette Street to 6th Avenue, all inclusive
· The area bounded by Worth/Catherine/Harrison Street to Battery Park: river to river, all inclusive
· 1st Avenue: East Houston Street to 66th Street
· 2nd Avenue: East Houston Street to 66th Street
· 3rd Avenue: 6th Street to 66th Street
· 4th Avenue: Bowery to 14th Street
· 5th Avenue: Washington Square North to 66th Street
· 6th Avenue: Church Street to 59th Street
· 7th Avenue: West Houston Street to Central Park South
· 8th Avenue: Hudson Street to 59th Street/Columbus Circle
· 8th Street (East and West): Entire Length
· 9th Avenue: Little West 12th Street to 59th Street
· 10th Avenue: Little West 12th Street to 59th Street
· 10th Avenue: West 204th Street to West 212th Street *
· 11th Avenue: Little West 12th Street to 59th Street
· 14th Street: entire length
· 17th Street: Broadway/Union Square West to Park Avenue/Union Square East
· 23rd Street: entire length
· 72nd Street: entire length
· 79th Street: entire length
· 86th Street: entire length
· 96th Street: entire length
· 116th Street: FDR Drive to 1st Avenue
· 117th Street: FDR Drive to 1st Avenue
· 118th Street: FDR Drive to 1st Avenue
· 119th Street: FDR Drive to 1st Avenue
· 125th Street: entire length
· 181st Street: Amsterdam Ave to Cabrini Boulevard
· 207th Street: Exterior Street/207th Street Bridge to Broadway
· Allen Street: Canal Street to East Houston Street
· Amsterdam Avenue: 59th Street to 72nd Street
· Astor Place: Entire length
· Bleecker Street: 8th Avenue to Bowery
· Bond Street: Entire Length
· Bowery: Worth Street to 4th Avenue
· Broadway: entire length
· Broome Street: entire length
· C Avenue: East 14th Street to East 25th Street
· Canal Street: entire length
· Central Park West: Columbus Circle to West 66th Street
· Centre Street: Chambers Street to Kenmare Street
· Christopher Street: Entire Length
· Cleveland Place Kenmare Street to Spring Street
· Columbus Avenue: 59th Street to 72nd Street
· Delancey Street: entire length
· Dyckman Street: Broadway to 10th Avenue
· East Broadway: Bowery/Chatham Square to Grand Street
· Gansevoort Street: Hudson Street to West Street
· Grand Street: entire length
· Greenwich Avenue: 6th Avenue to 8th Avenue
· Houston Street: entire length
· Hudson Street: Chambers Street to 14th Street
· Joe DiMaggio Highway/West Street/9A: Battery Park to West 57th
· Kenmare Street: entire length
· Lafayette Street: Duane Street to East 8th Street
· Lexington Ave: East 21st Street to East 86th Street
· Madison Avenue: 23rd Street to 86th Street
· North Moore Street: West Street to Hudson Street
· Park Avenue South/Park Avenue: East 14th Street to East 66th Street
· Pleasant Avenue: East 116th Street to East 119th Street
· South Street: Montgomery Street to Whitehall Street
· St. Marks Place: Entire Length
· St. Nicholas Avenue: Broadway to 183rd Street
· Trinity Place/Church Street/6th Avenue: Battery Park to Central Park South (Except direct WTC collapse work).
· Union Square East/Park Avenue South/Park Avenue: 14th Street to 66th Street
· Union Square West: 17th Street to 14th Street
· University Place: East 8th Street to East 14th Street
· Varick Street: West Broadway to West Houston Street
· Vestry Street: West Street to Hudson Street
· Walker Street: West Broadway/Church Street to Canal Street
· Washington Street: Little West 12th Street to West 14th Street
· West Broadway: Vesey Street to Varick Street
· West End Avenue: 59th Street to 72nd Street
· West Street: Battery Place to Little West 12th Street*
· Worth Street: entire length

*Location(s) added this year

· Westchester Square Perimeter and the entire Parkchester area bounded by East Tremont Avenue, Castle Hill Road, White Plains Road and Westchester Avenue, all inclusive
· 3rd Avenue: East 147th Street to East 153rd Street
· 3rd Avenue: East 184th Street to East Fordham Road*
· Allerton Avenue: White Plains Road to Boston Road
· Arthur Avenue: Fordham Road to 184th Street/Crescent Avenue
· Bartow Avenue: Coop City Boulevard to Ely Avenue
· Broadway: 225th Street to Van Cortlandt Park South
· Burnside Avenue: University Avenue to Grand Concourse
· East 138th Street: Cypress Avenue to Alexander Avenue
· East 149th Street: Exterior Street to Brook Avenue
· East 167 Street: Jerome Avenue to Grand Concourse
· East 170th Street: Grand Concourse to University Avenue
· East 188th Street: Webster Avenue to Third Avenue*
· East 189th Street: Webster Avenue to Washington Avenue*
· East Tremont Avenue: Eastchester Road to Ponton Avenue
· East Tremont: 3rd Avenue to Southern Blvd.
· Exterior Street: East 138th Street to East 153rd Street/Major Deegan Expressway N/B Entrance
· Fordham Road East/West: Entire Road
· Grand Concourse: East 180th Street to 192nd Street
· Gun Hill Road: Webster Avenue to Jerome Avenue
· Jerome Avenue: 196th Street to Bainbridge Avenue
· Kingsbridge Road East: Jerome Avenue to East Fordham Road*
· Kingsbridge Road West: Sedgwick Avenue to Jerome Avenue/Kingsbridge Road East
· Melrose Avenue: 3rd Avenue to 163rd Street
· Morris Park Avenue: White Plains Road to Williamsbridge Road
· Park Avenue: East 184th Street to East Fordham Road*
· River Avenue: East 149th Street to East 157th Street
· Southern Blvd: 163rd to Westchester Avenue.
· Southern Boulevard: Crames Square to Westchester Avenue
· Webster Avenue: 188th Street to 193rd Street.
· West 225th Street: Broadway to Sedgwick Avenue/Kingsbridge Road West
· Westchester Avenue: East 149th Street/3rd Avenue to Bruckner Boulevard
· White Plains Road: Brady Avenue to Boston Road
· Williamsbridge Road: Westchester Avenue to Eastchester Road

*Location(s) added this year

· Downtown Brooklyn: Area bounded by Tillary Street, Atlantic Avenue, Flatbush Avenue and Clinton Street, all inclusive
· 3rd Avenue: 101st Street to 65th Street
· 4th Avenue: 85th Street to 87th Street
· 5th Avenue: Flatbush Avenue to 16th Street: 38th Street to 95th Street/4th Avenue
· 7th Avenue: Union Street to Prospect Avenue
· 13th Avenue: 39th Street to 86th Street
· 18th Avenue: 60th Street to 86th Street
· 86th Street: 3rd Avenue to Stillwell Avenue
· 87th Street: 4th Avenue to 5th Avenue
· Atlantic Avenue: Furman Street to Washington Avenue
· Avenue J: Coney Island to East 16 Street
· Avenue M: Coney Island Avenue to Ocean Avenue
· Avenue R: Nostrand Avenue to Ocean Parkway
· Avenue U: 86th Street to East 56th Street
· Bay Parkway: 60th Street to Shore Parkway
· Bedford Avenue: Metropolitan Avenue to North 12th Street
· Brighton Beach Avenue: Ocean Parkway to Brighton 15 Street
· Broadway: Kent Avenue to Gates Avenue
· Cadman Plaza West: Old Fulton Street to Tillary Street
· Church Avenue: Rockaway Parkway to McDonald Avenue
· Cropsey Avenue: Bay Parkway to 20th Avenue
· Court Street: Tillary Street to Hamilton Avenue
· Flatbush Avenue: Manhattan Bridge to Belt Parkway
· Fulton Street: Boerum Place to Flatbush Avenue
· Fulton Street: Flatbush Avenue to Greene Avenue
· Fulton Street: Classon Avenue to Troy Avenue/Lewis Avenue
· Graham Avenue: Broadway to Boerum Street
· Grand Street: Bushwick Avenue to Union Avenue
· Kings Highway: Bay Parkway to Ocean Avenue
· Knickerbocker Avenue: Myrtle Avenue to Jefferson Street
· Liberty Avenue: Ruby Street to North Conduit Avenue
· Livingston Street: Court Street to Flatbush Avenue
· Manhattan Avenue: Driggs Avenue to Dupont Street
· Montague Street: Court Street to Hicks Street
· Myrtle Avenue: Flatbush Avenue to Classon Avenue
· Nostrand Avenue: Halsey Street to Sheepshead Bay
· Old Fulton Street: Entire length
· Pennsylvania Avenue: Linden Boulevard to Flatlands Avenue
· Pitkin Avenue: Stone Avenue to Eastern Parkway
· Rockaway Parkway: Farragut Road to Flatlands Avenue
· Sheepshead Bay Road: Avenue Z to Shore Parkway
· Smith Street: Fulton Street to Hamilton Avenue
· Union Street: 4th Avenue to Grand Army Plaza
· Utica Avenue: Flatbush Avenue to Atlantic Avenue

· Queens Fashion Center area bounded by Queens Boulevard, 59th Avenue, 94th Street, 92nd Street, and 55th Avenue, all inclusive
· The area bounded by Northern Boulevard, Sanford Avenue, Prince Street and Union Street , all inclusive
· 23rd Avenue: 37th Street to 29th Street
· 31st Street: 21st Avenue to Northern Boulevard
· 40th Road: Prince Street to Main Street
· 71st Avenue: Queens Boulevard to Burns Street
· Archer Avenue: Sutphin Boulevard to Merrick Boulevard
· Austin Street: Ascan Avenue to Yellowstone Boulevard
· Bell Boulevard: Northern Boulevard to 35th Avenue
· Cross Bay Boulevard: Rockaway Boulevard to 165th Ave
· Ditmars Boulevard: Steinway Street to 29th Street
· Fresh Pond Road: Myrtle Avenue to Metropolitan Avenue
· Hillside Avenue: Van Wyck Expressway to 180th Street
· Jamaica Avenue: Eldert Lane to 169th Street
· Junction Boulevard: Roosevelt Avenue to 34th Avenue
· Liberty Avenue: 110th Street to 124th Street
· Main Street: Northern Boulevard to Union Turnpike
· Metropolitan Avenue: Flushing Avenue to Jamaica Avenue
· Myrtle Avenue: Fresh Pond Road to Wyckoff Avenue
· Northern Boulevard: entire length
· North Conduit Avenue: Entire length
· Parsons Boulevard: Hillside Avenue to Archer Avenue
· Queens Boulevard: Entire Length
· Queens Plaza East: Jackson Avenue to Northern Boulevard
· Queens Plaza North/South: Crescent Street to Jackson Avenue
· Roosevelt Avenue: 57th Street to Union Street
· South Conduit Avenue: Entire length
· Steinway Street: Ditmars Boulevard to Northern Boulevard
· Sutphin Boulevard: Hillside Avenue to 94th Avenue
· Union Turnpike: Main Street to Langdale Street
· Woodhaven Boulevard: Rockaway Boulevard to Queens Boulevard

Staten Island
· Borough Hall area bounded by Victory Boulevard, Wall Street, Richmond Terrace, St. Marks Place, all inclusive.
· Amboy Road: Richmond Avenue to Richmond Road
· Arthur Kill Road: Richmond Avenue to Richmond Hill Road/Richmond Road
· Barrett Avenue: Decker Avenue to Forest Avenue
· Bay Street: Broad Street to Saint George Ferry Terminal
· Castleton Avenue: Clove Road to North Burgher Avenue
· Clove Road: Victory Boulevard to Narrows Road South
· Crystal Avenue: Forest Avenue to Victory Boulevard
· Decker Avenue: Forest Avenue to Post Avenue
· Forest Hill Road: Richmond Avenue to Rockland Avenue
· Forest Avenue: Staten Island Expressway to Victory Boulevard
· Giffords Lane: Amboy Road to Katan Avenue
· Hylan Boulevard: Guyon Avenue to Stueben Street
· Marsh Avenue: Platinum Avenue to Richmond Hill Road
· New Dorp Lane: Richmond Road to Mill Road
· Platinum Avenue: Forest Hill Road to Richmond Hill Road
· Port Richmond Avenue: Forest Avenue to Richmond Terrace
· Richmond Avenue: Victory Boulevard to Oakdale Street
· Richmond Hill Road: Richmond Avenue to Richmond Road
· Richmond Road: West Fingerboard Road to Richmond Hill Road
· Rockland Avenue: Forest Hill Road to Richmond Road
· Seguine Avenue: Amboy Road to Florence Place
· South Avenue: Forest Avenue to West Shore Expressway
· Victory Boulevard: West Shore Expressway to Slosson Avenue
· Woolley Avenue: Victory Boulevard to Willow Brook Road

Citywide Highways (and their Service Roads) and East and Harlem River Bridge Crossings:
On all holiday season gridlock alert days during the Holiday Construction Embargo period lane closures are prohibited from 6:00 AM to midnight on highways (and their service roads) and East and Harlem River Bridge Crossings listed below. (Work behind permanent barrier, not impacting on vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic flow may continue).

The holiday season gridlock alert days are as follows:
Friday, November 16
Wednesday, November 21
Wednesday, November 28
Friday, December 7
Thursday, December 13
Friday, December 14
Wednesday, December 19
Thursday, December 20
Friday, December 21

List of affected highway (and their service roads) and East and Harlem River Bridge Crossings include the following:

Belt Parkway
Brooklyn Queens Expressway
Gowanus Expressway
Prospect Expressway

Cross Bronx Expressway
Major Deegan Expressway
Bruckner Expressway
Hutchinson River Parkway
New England Thruway

West Street (9A)/Miller Highway/Henry Hudson Parkway
FDR Drive/Harlem River Drive

Belt Parkway
Long Island Expressway
Cross Island Parkway
Van Wyck Expressway
Grand Central Parkway

Staten Island:
Staten Island Expressway
West Shore Expressway

East River Bridge Crossings:
Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
Williamsburg Bridge
Queensboro Bridge

Harlem River Bridge Crossings:
Willis Avenue Bridge
Third Avenue Bridge
Madison Avenue Bridge
145th Street Bridge
Macombs Dam Bridge
University Heights Bridge
Broadway Bridge

Traffic Advisories
Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation

As part of the ongoing rehabilitation of the Brooklyn Bridge ramps and approaches, a full closure of the Manhattan-bound lanes of the bridge will be required for two full weekends, between 11:59 pm Friday, October 5 and 6 am Monday, October 8, and between 11:59 pm Friday, October 12 and 6 am Monday, October 15. During these two 54-hour closures, all Manhattan-bound traffic will be redirected to alternate crossings, including the Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge and the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. Brooklyn-bound vehicular access onto the bridge will be maintained via ramps from Pearl Street and Center Street into the contra-flow lanes on the bridge itself. During these weekend closures, there will be additional access to the bridge via the Park Row ramp from Frankfort Street available on both Saturdays from 6 am to 1 am Sundays and from 9 am to 11 pm on both Sundays. The work will also require the closure of the pedestrian staircase at Frankfort Street between 6 am Saturday, October 6 to 11 pm Sunday, October 7. These weekend closures will allow for the restoration of two full traffic lanes on the Brooklyn-bound ramp adjacent to Pace University, an important effort to bring this critical piece of infrastructure into a state-of-good repair. As with recent, related closures of the bridge during this project, motorists are urged to avoid the area if possible and use alternate routes.
Read the press release on these closures
Learn more about the Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation
Chambers Street Reconstruction

The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) is performing work on Chambers Street in order to install new water mains and upgrade other utilities. To safely accommodate the work, parts of Chambers Street between Broadway and West Street will become one-way, open to only westbound traffic. During Phase I, scheduled to end in late 2011, work will be performed between West Broadway and West Street. Phase II, scheduled to run from late 2011 through summer 2012, will include work between Broadway and West Broadway. Two-way traffic will be maintained on blocks not under construction.
Download an informational booklet on the Chambers Street reconstruction (pdf)
Closure of the 149th Street Bridge over the LIRR

Beginning on May 10, 2010, DOT will rehabilitate the 149th Street Bridge over the Long Island Rail Road, between Roosevelt Avenue and 41st Avenue in Queens. The roadway, sidewalks, and parapet will be completely rebuilt and replaced. The work is expected to be completed by the end of November, 2011. Please use the 147th Street or 149th Place bridges as alternate routes.
Lane Closures on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway

On or about April 29, 2010, DOT will begin work on the on the Summit Street Pedestrian Bridge over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The existing protective coating will be cleaned and removed through abrasive blasting techniques. A new, epoxy-zinc protective coating system will be applied to all steel superstructures. In order to mobilize equipment at the work site, during the work the contractor will close two lanes on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway between Kane Street and Hamilton Avenue for work under the Summit Street Pedestrian Bridge. These lane closures will occur:

Tuesday to Friday: 1:00 am to 5:00 am
Saturdays: 1:00 am to 6:00 am
Sunday: 2:00 am to 7:00 am

Concrete barriers, advanced warning signs and pavement markings will be installed to maintain the safe flow of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the vicinity of the work area. The contractor may also close one traffic lane to permit the installation of paint containment units while maintaining the remaining lanes of traffic at all times. To limit construction noise all construction activity will be undertaken in accordance with the noise mitigation code.
Queensboro Bridge Manhattan-Bound HOV-2 Lane

An high occupancy vehicle lane is open on the Manhattan-bound South Upper Roadway of the Queensboro Bridge from 6 am to 9:30 am, Monday to Friday. The lane is open to cars containing two or more people and motorcycles. Drivers can reach the lane from Thomson Avenue or 21st Street at 43rd Avenue in Queens, it leads to East 58th Street/East 57th Street in Manhattan.
Manhattan Bridge HOV-2 Lane

Between 6 am and 10 am, Monday to Friday, cars with two or more people, buses, and motorcycles may use the left lane of the upper roadway inbound to Manhattan. Drivers can reach the lane from Exit 29A of the eastbound Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE), or from Flatbush Avenue Extension (follow signs). It can also be reached from Exit 29 of the BQE westbound, by turning right onto Gold Street or proceeding straight onto Flatbush Avenue. See the access map.
In Manhattan, left turns from the upper roadway onto Canal Street at Chrystie Street are prohibited from 5 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday. Vehicles using the HOV lane will have access to Chrystie Street northbound and Canal Street eastbound.

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