Thank you to those who have helped

Here are a list of people who have really stepped up to the plate during the Sandy Storm and its relief efforts. These companies need  some recognition as well as support back to their business.

Little Hotties

Jackie Bessey from Little hotties donated about 10,000 hand warmers to Staten Island. We have been distributing these warmers to several command centers, and literally knocking on doors and handing them out to several hard hit communities.

Support Little Hotties by going to their website here Click here

Eagle Enclosure

Phil Calvo of Eagle reached out to me right after the storm and donated supplies for covering up roof’s and also donated money to the Sandy Clean up

Support Eagle Enclosures  by going to their website hereClick here

Magid Gloves

When I reached out to Paul over at Magid Gloves I could tell that all he wanted to do is help. He immediately deployed several thousands of pairs of expensive work gloves for he recovery teams to get their work done safer.

Support Magid Gloves  by going to their website here Click here

Platinum Maintenance & Total Fire

Jim Halpin & Robert Catalino spent a large amount of their own money to give back to Staten Island, from sending us truck loads of supplies, to workers, to even donating 40 generators. The great thing about Jim & Bobby was that they did not only donate the generators  each came with extension cords, gas and oil so that they can be operational as soon as we delivered to peoples homes.

Support Platinum Maintenance  by going to their website here Click here

Support Total Fire  by going to their website here Click here

Posh Baby USA

My friend Elvis was kind enough to arrange for 40 baby cribs to be donated. We have been going through emails case by case and qualifying legitimate candidates for the cribs and Posh has been delivering and setting up in peoples homes.

Support Posh Baby USA  by going to their website here Click here

Clif Bar

Clif Bar was great, no hesitation as well to support Staten Island, they immediately send us 500 Clif Bars right away no questions asked.

Support Clif Bar  by going to their website here Click here

Gotham Lighting Supply

Owners Todd & Brian Baslin have both helped coordinate all these efforts with me, if I wasn’t in Todd’s passenger seat he was in mine. From early mornings to midnight runs these guys helped make it all happen.

Support Gotham Lighting Supply  by going to their website here Click here

Standard Burger

This is where it all has happened. This is where the command center has been set up several times. Standard has donated its property as well as made many food runs to families in need. I want to thank my Standard Burger family, Todd, Joey, Sammy and Lee for helping make this all happen. Actually all of the above would have never happened had we not used this location.

Support Standard Burger  by going to their website here Click here


I have mentioned most of the business that I have personally have worked with in the past few weeks, there are many more not mentioned here because there are many make shift organizations doing the same thing.

I do not want to forget all our families and  friends as well as employees of mine who have stepped up to the plate and donated their time and money to help the recovery efforts.


May God Bless us all and we will keep going for as long as we have to.


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