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Sidewalk Sheds are not going anywhere. They are a critical part of the NYC construction industry and are there to protect the public. Since we all do not have any say in these structures it would be wise to support organizations like Art-Bridge and Sofwalks in their mission to beautify the city landscape with their innovations & idea’s, so that we have an aesthetically pleasing jobsite and community and not an eye soar.

Articles of the community complaining are constantly being published. Here are a few Examples

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2) Click here

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Non-profit organizations  do so much to help the communities that all of us are a part. We want continue to strategically place artwork and conceal work sites for the betterment of the community and its people but of course like everything else that comes with a cost.

All of us are responsibilities to invest in our communities and contributing to the common good is a great way to give back.

I ask that you please  contact these organizations or talk to me about how we can bring life to your community or project.





What is Softwalks?

Softwalks is an urban innovation studio. We work on place making and human centered design projects with city agencies, businesses and communities to bring underutilized spaces to life. We’ve found success by thinking resourcefully, moving quickly and looking at problems often overlooked by others.



What is ArtBridge?

Founded in 2008 by artist and designer, Rodney Durso, ArtBridge seeks to enhance the urban experience by transforming overhead construction scaffolding into temporary art installations. With over a million linear feet currently installed in New York City alone, ArtBridge sees the blank plywood panels as the perfect canvas for Public Art. Using proprietary vinyl material, ArtBridge installs large-scale works by emerging artists directly onto the scaffold’s panel surfaces, taking art out of galleries and into the public realm. Our city is constantly under construction and redevelopment; ArtBridge exhibitions bring new and calming influences into communities, adding light, color and beauty to our daily outdoor world.

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  1. ArtBridge is a New York City-based organization dedicated to transforming city surfaces into larger-than-life canvases for the work of emerging artists. Since its founding in 2008, ArtBridge has introduced the art-enthusiast and passerby alike to the work of more than 50 emerging artists with two 2,000 sq. ft. outdoor installations in the heart of the Chelsea Gallery District. It is ArtBridge’s mission to continue to bring its installations to neighborhoods and communities throughout the five boroughs, giving emerging artists unprecedented exposure in unexpected places.

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