New Bill for Job Site Fences and Permit Boards

Panal Board

City Council passed a new bill on June 12th pertaining to job site fences and new information boards. This legislation was introduced by Mayor Bloomberg and although not signed yet it is expected that it will be signed and in effect shortly.

The effective date is Today  7/ 1, 2013.

This  should be carefully read to understand changes that will impact all job sites.

There are many changes.  Following is a list of some of the more concerning changes:

  • A “Fence Project Information Panel” will now be required, which contains specific information, is of a specific size and color and is installed at a specific location.
  • All construction fences will have viewing panels, as specified in the legislation.
  • All sidewalk sheds will have a “Sidewalk Shed Parapet Panel” in lieu of the current shed information signs.  It is very, very specific where is shall be and where is shall not be.
  • It is specific as to size and color and exactly what information is to be included and what cannot be included.
  • The “Sidewalk Shed Parapet Panel” does not include specific shed permit information.  It wants the name of the “Contractor responsible for the site” or “Owner of the site”.
  •  As the new Panel bears no information about the shed or scaffold contractor, is has now turned the responsibility to  responsibility to  the GC or Owner.
  •  All existing sidewalk shed signs must be replaced by the new “Sidewalk Shed Parapet Panel” on renewal of any permit after July 1, 2013.
  •  All construction fences and sidewalk sheds shall be painted “Hunter Green”.

Click here Int. No. 1003-A Consruction Fences and Sheds 2013.06.12

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