Breaking Boundaries – The World Largest Hoist



United Hoisting & Scaffolding is proud to announce we have the world largest hoist installed at one of our projects for NYU Kimmel.
This hoist will be primarily used to transport completed bathrooms from ground to the designated floors. To build this hoist we worked closely with Alimak to meet both the project needs while staying compliant with O.S.H.A, A.N.S.I and the NYC Department of buildings rules and regulations. This task was not easy but we succeeded and are now proud to announce “The Mammoth”
The Mammouth inside clear specifications are as follows:

10’2″ Wide
17’11” Long
10′ High

With a travel speed of 110 f.p.m and a capacity of 13,225 lbs you are sure to bring up truck loads at 1 time.For more information on the Mammoth please contact me at 718.786.3338 or

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