Smart Hoist?

IMG_3473The Personnel and Material Hoisting world has not changed much here in the US for quite some time while interior elevators are going through many changes.

We are please do announce that we have added over a dozen Alimak 650 Hoist to our fleet. These hoist are 10% faster and boast a whole lot of options that lead to a safer project including features like:

  • Self Greasing Hoists
  • Monitor the hoist operation from our headquarters
  • SMS and email notification to mechanic if system is malfunctioning allowing the mechanic able to troubleshoot prior to arriving on project reducing downtime.
  • Capable of shutting down floors during deliveries for more efficient unloading.
  • The ALC II system receives all destination orders from inside the information is memorized and processed within the system. During travel the lift will automatically stop at all floors which have been addressed.
  • Improved trolley system travels on a separate guide rail attached close to the mast from ground level to a point halfway to the mast top suitable for all weather conditions.
  • DOB approved Overload sensing system

For more information call us at 718.786.3338



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