Our construction walk through for the TCO at the ### project was yesterday 8/19/13 was a success.This would have not been possible without the efforts put forth by your company, you, and especially your foreman and project managers who have been living this job every day.HRCG and I would like to thank all of you for making this a reality. I, on a personal note, have never gone thru a TCO process that was without stress like this one was. I and my wife thank you for that. This was due to your immediate responses and your understanding that we all have a common goal. We have one last milestone and that is total completion and acceptance by the owner. With that in mind I ask that the same attention be paid to this project after the TCO Walkthru as it was prior to the TCO Walk thru. We should all be very proud of what we accomplished here together. Thank you again.


General Superintendent





Excellent crew here today at NYPH. Just wanted to share with you.




I want to express a heartfelt thank you for you and your company’s attentive responsiveness to the needs of our site’s sidewalk bridge and the associated documentation following Hurricane Sandy.  Good to know we can count on United when you are most needed.
Pavarini McGovern LLC





I really appreciate all your help on this project. You have always been there for Turner.



You guys have serviced this job wonderfully.
Yorke Construction Corp.


 Pete & Joe,
I just wanted to tell you guys how great your night crew was this week led by Guido. They were professional,conscientious,helpful and busted their buts 100% of the time. Most of the time,i see third shift crews moving at half speed – your guys were double time and just did what they needed to do – and im very pleased with the end product. This isnt a knock on the day crew – I just haven’t been around them much, but Bob Nichols has been super as well and im happy with the work.

Contract Manager, Hunt Construction Group, Inc


Hi Joe,
Thank you for your generous plank donation. By choosing to donate-recycle through Build It Green! NYC, you’ve also chosen to provide roughly 100 low income families the ability to grow their own food.
You’ll be happy to know every piece has found a new home divided between several community gardens in the South Bronx. The gardens plan to reuse the plank to build raised vegetable beds to ensure safe growing conditions for edible plants. As you know, a lot of NYC soil is full of heavy metal and chemical contaminants, which is particularly true for South Bronx communities.
I’ll have pictures to send you once the building begins. And with your permission we would also like to plug United Scaffolding and Hoisting in the next BIG! NYC newsletter.
Thanks again for your support and I look forward to working with you in the future. As I mentioned, we have several projects coming up with school gardens in Queens and we’d be happy to have your support again.
With kind regards,
Leanne Spaulding
Project Coordinator
Western Queens Compost Initiative
a program of Build It Green! NYC


Both United Hoist and Conventional Stone did an excellent job with setting up the job, fall protection and overall safety. The work ran exactly as planned.
Good job to all.




All done for tonight…all cantilevered beams set and north platform deck is complete.
Tomorrow night should be an easy one…set cross-beams, planks, plywood, and parapet along south platform.
I doesn’t look like we’ll need Thursday night but we’ll see how tomorrow night goes and then make the call. Overall, extremely happy with what was accomplished on the first night.




Hi. I work as the Safety Manager for Willis, the insurance broker for the Rock U OCIP.  I’ve been meaning to drop you a note about your team at Rock U for some time.  By the way, thank you for adding me to your newsletter.  I especially liked this month’s info on scaffold planking.  I actually spend a significant amount of time in the field educating workers on the proper grades of lumber to be used for scaffolding and work platforms.

Peter G. and Bobby N. continue to do a great job on the Rock U project.  Their planning and safety analysis for some of the complex scaffold systems on this project have been very impressive.  They are also very cooperative and responsive to any opportunities for safety improvement that I have identified.  TCC informed me of the positive reaction and follow-up to some program discrepancies identified last week during a walk through. This follow-up clearly displays United Hoisting and Scaffolding Corp’s strong commitment to safety.  It is a pleasure to deal with professionals.

If you or anyone from UHSC ever need any assistance from a safety or insurance standpoint, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Frank M


As always Joe your firm has taken care of our needs under emergency conditions. Most recently you were able to expedite modifications to our 88th avenue site fence logistics to enable Con Edison to begin work immediately as to not impact our schedule.

Thank you again for your support

Ralph Dillon





Again, I would like to thank United Hoisting for their work at the Hunter College School of Social Work during the removal of the hoist run and load dock.  The pre-planning was above average, paying attention to specific details of the work.  They executed the work in an extremely safe fashion and all involved should be commended.

As you may or may not be aware, United had some issues earlier on this project and has had some recent transgressions on some other Turner projects.  It is refreshing to see a sub-contractor realize that there are issues, put a plan in place to mitigate the concerns and ensure, from the top down, that the plan is implemented in the field with all of their workers.

Thank you again for your dedicated efforts.  I look forward to working with you again.

Daniel K

Safety Manager



Just wanted to let you know the final steel plate is scheduled to be removed shortly from the O.B. Modernization site.  All went smoothly and professionally with United Hoist and we will definitely keep your company in mind for future business together.

Thanks again,

Frank P



Greetings, and Happy New Year to you. I am finally getting to reach out to you today< and I say “finally” catching up to notifying you of the need to have service done on our hoist earlier today due to a defective limit switch on the car- I apologize for this late e-mail when the work is already done but wanted to follow through from Jimmy Connors request to contact you. The extreme cold caused major problems across the project today, and the hoist  was only one of them. I spoke early this morning with Jimmy Connors on the issue and he asked me to speak to you, but would get the ball rolling with getting us help. In any event, thank you, Jimmy, and Shaggy for responding timely, as we were in real need of the car today- and also hope I did not put Jimmy in a hard spot with you at the office for any reason- he is a gentleman to deal with and I certainly do not wish to cause him to get questioned on responding to a phone call for service.





Just a quick note to tell you that United Hoist installed the nets above the FDR with 100% tool, hardhat, and equipment tie off. A preplanning meeting was conducted before they started and they were monitored throughout the day for compliance with all of our FDR work standards. They did an excellent job and the work went off without a hitch.



Hi Peter / Joe


All the scaffolding installation and removal is completed. I like to thank you, your team and the crews who make it happen at site. We appreciate your coordination effort and complete the work as required on time. Thanks again.




Good Afternoon Joe / Peter,

Please note you and your crew put a lot of smiles on people’s faces today when the sidewalk bridge removal was completed this morning.

Just wanted to write and thank you for your hard work and quick response.

I especially would like to extend my thanks to Guido, who was diligent in his work and kept the guys safe from the beginning to the end.

Thank you and have a great weekend!