Goldwater North

NYS State Hospital Review and Planning Council submitted a program to take 278 beds from the Coler-Goldwater hospital located at One Main Street, Roosevelt Island, and move them into a new large facility which would be built at the old parking lot behind North General Hospital in Harlem. The two structures would be combined, and the old North General was to receive a full renovation from the “inside out,”

The two combined structures, renamed to “Goldwater North” would then completely occupy the entire block from East 121st Street – East 122nd Street between Park and Madison Avenues, directly across the street from Mount Morris Park. In addition to the North General renovation/rebuild, which is projected to cost $153 million and the new 6-story building on the parking lot ($131 million), the city is also adding a $51 million nine-story facility at East 99th Street and 2nd Avenue to also hold relocated beds from Coler-Goldwater. According to the construction workers I ran into today, the building at Goldwater North and the renovation at North General will be completed by the end of the year. It has been reportedthat Mayor Bloomberg expects patients to be relocated from Roosevelt Island to East Harlem by October 2013.

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